City Tour Arequipa

Tour description:

City Tour performs an unforgettable trip through the historic center of the white city of Arequipa and marvel with its wealth of culture and architecture. Our City Tour is done aboard a double-decker bus of the city, the pickup is from your hotel that is located near the center of the city, the duration of our tour is approximately 3 hours and we have the following outputs: 08:00 a.m. – 09:15 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. – 02:00 p.m. and 02:30 p.m.

  • Monastery of Santa Catalina.- The Citadel was located to the south of Peru in the city of Arequipa was founded on 10 September 1579 and located in an area that is noted for its natural beauty, cozy climate and has a great material with which it is constructed and is still doing the architecture of this city. The Sillar. Arequipa is called the “White City” because of the significant use of this porous rock of volcanic lava that has enabled it to build with identity, in addition to spaces and proportions of great aesthetic value.
  • Plaza de Armas and the Cathedral.-  Is located in the historic center of Arequipa, around them is the Cathedral of Arequipa in the north, the portals of Arequipa. Important place where it was founded the Villa Hermosa de Arequipa.
  • Los Claustros y Compañía de Jesús.- Esta iglesia fue construida entre los años 1595 y 1698. Cuenta con una nave principal, dos alas laterales, un coro alto y un santuario. En el interior del templo se pueden apreciar retablos de madera tallada y recubiertos con pan de oro. En la sacristía está la capilla de San Ignacio, con murales polícromo que muestran la flora y la fauna tropicales. Los claustros fueron edificados en el siglo XVIII.
  • The Cloisters and the Company of Jesus. – This church was built between the years 1595 and 1698. Account with a main nave, two side wings, a high choir and a sanctuary. In the interior of the temple can be seen altarpieces of carved wood and coated with gold leaf. In the sacristy is the chapel of San Ignacio, with polychrome murals that show the tropical flora and fauna. The cloisters were built in the eighteenth century.
  • The San Ignacio Chapel.-  also called the Sistine Chapel of Arequipa is a beautiful displays of decorative art from Arequipa, where it emphasizes the color of its walls and dome, whose vividness and intensity are manifested through the centuries. One of the characteristics that highlights much are precisely the four evangelists in the four pendentives and with their respective symbols: John with the eagle; Lucas with the Bull; frames with the lion and Matthew with the man, which incite to know and explore the religion and, more than that, the spirituality that is embodied in these beautiful decorated facts more than 300 years ago.
  • The Casona Tristan del Pozo.-  At present, this large house built in the middle of the XVIII century has become the headquarters of a bank and houses a museum of site in addition to an art gallery. This construction is the splendour of the colonial construction of Arequipa having been used as material stone ashlar. Has its ceilings in the form of vault and the typical colonial patios built by the Spaniards.
  • Complex of San Francisco.- The Temple of San Francisco is located facing a small square. The church has a rectangular plan, three naves, a transept and a Presbytery. This convent was founded in 1552, but its construction was not given but a few years later. This complex as the others, has suffered earthquakes, and major modifications are in the original structures. The magnificent church choir carved in sillar, is the admiration of all. The sculptures are among the most beautiful works of the XVII century of Arequipa. The temple of the Third Order is found in the same square, and was built after the earthquake of 1784.

What is included:

  • Guide Spanish – English.


  • Cúpula de San Ignacio S/. 4.00.
  • Monasterio Santa Catalina S/. 40.00.
  • Guia en Santa Catalina S/. 20.00.

What is not included:

  • Others not mentioned in the program.
Service type: Shared.


08:00 a.m.

09:15 a.m.

11:00 a.m.

02:00 p.m.

02:30 p.m.

Tour frequency: All year.
Exchange rate U$D: S/ 3.34