5D/4N – Puno Tour Package

Tour description:


Reception and welcome from the bus terminal Puno or Juliaca Inca Manco Capac airport, transfer to hotel and accommodation, afternoon transfer from your hotel to start the City Tour to visit tourist attractions: the main square where the Cathedral is located, Carlos Dreyer Museum with great historical content, Deustua Arch which was carved in stone by the Spaniards, La Casa del Corregidor and we finally went to Yavari Ship Museum in order to complete our journey.


Breakfast. Pick up from your hotel at 7:45 am. Transfer to the port of Puno, motor boat excursion 30 min. going to the Uros floating islands. There we can share customs and traditions that still maintain the native (fishermen and water hunters) for 1 hr. Approx. Then we continue the journey to the island of Amantani where families do give visitors a pleasant welcome and then go to their modest homes where we will stay. Typical lunch prepared by families with local products such as potatoes, quinoa, oca, olluco and wheat. In the afternoon we hike to the top of the island to visit the ceremonial temples of Pacha Tata and Pacha Mama. The people from Amantani are engaged in agriculture, fishing, crafts and textile. At night there is a dancing show hosted by families, to participate in this activity we wear traditional clothing of the place.


Breakfast prepared by the family 08:00 a.m. We board towards the island of Taquile to observe its inhabitants who have developed one of the best and finest techniques of hand weaving, landscapes can also be appreciated, the techniques of traditional culture, old customs, rituals, religious and folk that natives still maintain. In the afternoon you have to go down the 535 stone steps to reach the main port Chilcano.

 DAY 4: PUNO – SUN ISLAND (Bolivia) – PUNO

 Breakfast at the hotel at 7:00 a.m. then transfer to Puno bus terminal to take our tour bus which will take us to Copacabana (Bolivia). The trip lasts 3 hours. Arriving we have free time to have lunch. In the afternoon at 13:30 p.m. we take our boat that take us to the southern of the Island Sun, for 1 hour and 30 min. Approx. On the way we will enjoy the world’s highest navigable lake. Until reaching the island of the Sun. Place where we will visit the archaeological center of Pilkokayna built of small stones similar to the stone walls of the Incas, another rest to visit is the Temple of the Sun, the Chincana or the hidden Palace here the Incas performed ceremonies of worship to the God Inti (Sun). From there we will take the steps of Yumani; Inca road that leads us to the fountain of youth, there you will be able to become purified taking some sacred water as it is said to be a source of eternal youth, pre-Columbian terraces and the ecological gardens. At 4:30 p.m. Then we return to Copacabana arriving at 6:00 pm. there we get the bus back to the city of Puno.

DAY 5: PUNO (departure)

We have breakfast at the hotel. In time transfer to the airport and/or bus terminal to take transportation of your next destination

Service type: Shared / Private.
Duration: 5 days and 4 nights.

Departure: 07:45 p.m. – Return: 06:00 p.m.

Tour frequency: All year.
Exchange rate U$D: S/ 3.34