Puno is located in the Southeast mountains of the country on the plateau of the Collao, on the shores of the mythical Lake Titikaka, the highest navigable lake in the world with Latitude: 15°50’31’’ S, Longitude: 70°01’11’’W, and at an altitude of 3,827 meters above sea level. Total area of 6,494 km2. It is the center of conjunction of two great cultures: Quechua and Aymara; which led to a unique marriage of customs, rituals and beliefs. Limited to the South by the department of Tacna. By the East with the Republic of Bolivia and the West, Cusco and Arequipa.


Due to its geographical location, the climate in Puno is dry tempered. During the months of November to March season of rain, and temperatures oscillate a lot (at night they can drop to 5 Celsius degrees and during the day, fluctuating between 15 and 17 Celsius degrees), so we recommend bringing warm clothing. In the June the climate usually is a little colder and the temperature is 10 to 5 Celsius degrees, in mid-July and August are months of wind, on the other hand in the months of September – October is warm during the day the sky is clear and the evening pleasantly cool at night.


  • Overall Peru is one of the countries in the world with the best taste of typical dishes and the best cuisine, so that Puno is not far behind with its typical dishes that are a delight to many tourists who come to the city. The food is exotic is characterized by the warmth of a wood-fired oven, use their pots of mud and aroma that is related to the mother earth, most of their ingredients are meats, root vegetables, herbs, grains that are used in most of the dishes.
  • Restaurants: Recommended:
    • Mojsa: It has a thoughtful range of Peruvian and international food, including innovative trout dishes and a design your own salad option. All meals start with fresh bread and a bowl of local olives. In the evening, crisp brick-oven pizza is on offer. Lima St. 394. Open 08:00 a.m. Until 10:00 p.m.
    • La Casona: A solid choice for upscale Criollo (spicy Peruvian fare with Spanish and African influences) and international food, even if portions are on the small side. Trout comes bathed in garlic or chili sauce. There’s also pasta, salad and soup.
    • Loving Hut: Vegan Titikaka (vegetarian food) Choque Huanca Passage – Porteño neighborhood. 09:00 a.m – 6:00p.m. Filling vegetarian lunches with salad, gluten, soy-meat and brown-rice options in Asian and Peruvian styles. Try the quinoa burger or anticuchos veganos(vegan beef skewers.) The warm unsweetened soy milk or mate (tea) on tap makes the menu worth it alone.
    • Table del Inca: French and Peruvian food. – Jr. Ancash Nº 239
    • Machu Pizza: (Arequipa St. 409), It might not be colosseum authentic, but the aji (chili) aioli that you are given to spread over the thin-crust pizza is a delicious Peruvian twist. The dim lighting, cozy mezzanine and back room, plus personal-sized pizzas make it a good placeto dine aloneor with your favorite person.


Central Puno’s nightlife is geared toward tourists, with lively bars scattered around the bright lights on Lima Street. (Where touts hand out free-drink coupons) and next to the plaza on Puno street.

  • Inca Bar.
  • Ekeko’s
  • Positive
  • Kamisaraky Rock Pub


Use ATMs and credit cards

The best way to get money in most cities is with your bank card or credit card from ATMs, if you bring cash, US dollars or Euros can be changed in exchange houses and everything it is on Lima St.


During your stay in the city request information on your hotel reception about health care centers or hospitals. 

Prescription: Be sure to bring your prescriptions with you. Prescriptions made abroad will be necessary to arrange an appointment with a local doctor who would provide a local prescription for medicine or the equivalent, if it is not available here. Hospital: We have a Regional Hospital Manuel Nunez Butron just minutes from the hotel sector.

Before starting with the visit to the sights make sure to bring necessary medications especially if you need a specific brand or recipe that cannot be easily found in the place to visit, although there are pharmacies or shops.

Altitude sickness (soroche): For altitude sickness is recommended to take Sorojchi Pills or drink coca leaves tea.


Tips for shopping: there are many jobs or places of sale as:

  • PLAZA VEA: Jr. Los Incas: Here you can buy groceries and electronics.
  • CENTRAL MARKET: Basically they sell foodstuffs.
  • Craft stores: You can find the same Jr. Lima, but it is best to go to the port of Puno as the prices are much lower than in the store or on the islands themselves.

Tips for shopping: You will see many kiosks and stalls or places of sale such as:

  • PLAZA VEA: Los Incas St.: It´s a supermarket you can purchase edible and electronic products.
  • CENTRAL Market: Basically sell grocery products.
  • CRAFT shops: It can be found in the same Lima St., but it is better going to Puno’s port since the prices are much lower than in the shop or on the same islands´.